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Code Purple

Issue: PC displays:

"System Configuration Error

Your system has detected a configuration error. Please report this error to Customer Care using the phone number found in the Warranty and Support Guide that came with your PC. Unless corrected, this error will prevent your PC from operating properly. Turn off your PC by pressing and holding the Power button. After a few seconds your PC will automatically turn off. (Code Purple)"

and will not continue booting past that point.

Cause: Relates to the 'tattoo' that many manufacturers apply to their hard drives/motherboard as an anti-piracy device, which in theory is supposed to prevent you from using the recovery discs to apply a copy of Windows to a machine that it is not licenced for.


  1. Boot from a Linux Live CD (with NTFS write ability if appropriate)
  2. Open the file '\hp\bin\ConfigCheck\cfgchk.bat'
  3. Remove the line 'python c:\hp\bin\ConfigCheck\'

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